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Autumn came in with a ...


... bang and a bit of an exy one at that, see below. However it progressed quite satisfactorily with me adapting to not having Brian on a regular basis so casting around for someone else to get on the other end of that heavy bit of wood. More of the new helpers later but first what began as one of those days and ended with a search for the cheque book.

Tractor & Trailer

I hate being...


... late, but a puncture on the Landrover and then a struggle almost to the death attaching the big trailer laden with Oak to the aforementioned meant that by the time I dropped the flat one at the Blacksmith and got to Vernham Dean I was very you know what.


However, Chris the customer was waiting patiently and he soon jumped into the passenger seat for the mile up the track to the woods.


We hadn't gone far when there was the biggest bang outside of Bagdad and cloud of smoke which prompted a shit what was that. It was fairly obviously something nasty around the gear box and we were stuck.


I walked to the wood and got the tractor and Chris retrieved his car. As the tractor has a different towbar attachment I had to cunningly tie it on with a chain and managed to drag it to the woods.

Landy on AA Truck

I then had to put on my distressed lone female voice…


… to the AA so that I wasn’t left abandoned all day. Fortunately for me ‘Bob’ had booked a half days Annual leave and was with me, loaded me and dumped me at Dave’s garage before I could say where the bloody hell are they.


Brian turned up for a squint as it was unloaded and both he and Dave pissed themselves at the horrible crunching noise from underneath as it slid off the truck.



Dr Dave worked his magic…


… and the ol’ girl was back on the road within a week with a new propshaft and a few other bits that help it go forward.