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Farleigh School

Following the first two disastrous…

… milling jobs we thought we were on to a winner with an Irwin recommendation. This being a large Oak at a school on the way to Salisbury. Anticipating a large trailer full of Oak we hitched up Rob's biggest four wheeler on a sunny Saturday in November and headed over.


After the statutory half an hour trying to locate the tree, the groundsman and a route in with the Landrover we got there and quickly took the first slice off with the ladder to get a level base.

First Cut

After the top slice...


...we took a 4” slab which the saw made light work of, pretty impressive as it was over 30” wide.

We then discovered problem one. The slab we had milled was so heavy it was almost impossible to slide it off onto the trailer.


One trapped finger later ( tragically mine- it went a nasty colour purple and me according to Rob rather white) we gave up and cut it into three 4’ lengths which enabled us to slide them across and have cup of coffee .


Big trees in the future will need Rob's skid steer that can lift huge amounts and fits on his trailer.

Coffee Break

Back to work with a throbbing...

... finger and keen to crack on with the job. I was thinking I don't mind pain - as long as it is someone elses. I would have made a happy dentist.


Being such a big wide tree the saw needed regular resharpening and refuelling on one run mid cut. With the cost of petrol now it's worth spending the time keeping the saw sharp.


It ceased to be a problem...


... after the next cut when we found the Oak to be completely rotten throughout the rest, so we packed up and went home… 0 out of 3 thus far.


Rotten Oak

On the plus side...


... it was a local job to Rob's yard and there is another Oak that looks sound, that we are keen to have a go at.


You'll be relieved to learn I didn't lose my fingernail. Reminds me of a bad taste joke about a bloke who shut his finger in a large door. " Was it your whole finger his friend asked? " No, thank God he said " It was the one next to it! "


Regulars will note that we've gone on to do Old Barn Grange and other jobs. If you have a big interesting old lump you want us to have a look at, drop me a line.


We will look at your wife/daughter but for milling purposes, strictly trees please.




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