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End of 2018 and first bit of 2019


I've heard regular sex fights off ...


... dementia and memory loss - I'd like to wish you all best wishes for 2016!


This big ol' Beech ...


... was bagged by my mate Ant for his ever growing firewood pile. He generously let me have the first length which meant an emergency call to Rob the Mill the only person I know with an enormous tool that can handle it - a five foot cutting Panther Chainsaw mill.


More of Rob and his big one later but first a round up of what's new stock wise.



Ant poses by his latest conquest .... it was dead standing up but took some felling!


So, stock wise I've recently acquired ...


... on top of the mostly good Elm mentioned at the end of the last blog now sticked and stacked in the woods more Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Sycamore, Plane and of course Beech.


Handily for me if you want a quick look at what was in the shed at the end of 2018 have a look at this great film Will from WH Creations posted on his You Tube channel.


Stuff particularly the unusual does tend to disappear so get yourself over soon.

Needing some Ash and Field Maple logs moved ...


... from a nearby farm I called Gordon who has moved tons of timber for me over the past 20 years and did jobs for my old man for 20 years before that.


Gordy usually charges more than I would like but a lot less than I fear so I don't haggle. This time he said his son wasn't doing much so he'd come instead. This was fine by me, Phil is just as amiable and capable as his dad.


What Gordy didn't mention was that ...


... Phil charges twice as much. Still, he has a wife, children, pets, three tractors, two diggers and a motorbike and car to support!


The Ash shown on the bottom of the trailer didn't look that interesting but we were pleasantly surprised by some fabulous Olive figuring that is going so make some great book matched tables.




On the plus side Mike in the loader said he'd deliver the next lot for free - now you are talking!


"Won't you kiss me, doctor" ? ...


.... asks a beautiful woman. "No, it would be against my code of ethics," says the doctor. "Please just one kiss," begs the woman. "It's completely out of the question," he goes on.


"I shouldn't even really be having sex with you."


Talking of Sex or Sex Gods ...


... I managed to lure Rob from Cornwall where he now lives to mill the Beech at the top of the blog with promises of anything I could think of in the knowledge that once hooked he'll come and sort anything I need just for the crack rather than cash.


He's got to be one of the best with a chainsaw mill in the country helped by the the first cut system he invented which also adapts for the vertical centre cut shown behind him.


Rob had the Beech in quarters ...


... in a couple of hours and with the winter light fading I whizzed him up the woods to make a large Oak a more handleable size ... first dusting him down to keep the sawdust off the newish trucks seats!


Cheers Rob - come back soon.


A tired old joke talking about Robs big tool but it does get longer - now with a 64"cutting width!

My father said that when one door closed ...


... another one opened. He was a wise man but a shit cabinet maker! For the cabinet makers or possibly for guitars builders I cut the delightful bookmatched pair of Olive Ash boards at 2" thick.


Plenty of other boards with more regular olive figure and wider planks some from September 2017 ready later this year.



Two ducks or dodos kissing or perhaps you see something else?

I bought more logs including ...


... one of the biggest Plane logs I've seen around 5 foot diametre and weighing 4.5 tons. God knows how or when I'm going to get this lot processed and stacked in the woods. If the price & timber looks good it's best to buy now and trade anything I don't need.


Transport is a big cost and some of the Oak and Plane mentioned above were small enough to take direct from London to the woods and be cut on my Timber King.


Kevin the Lorry was making a rare ...


... trip inside the M25 taking a gate to Chelsea Hospital & he kindly agreed to bring a load back to the woods gate for a cheaper price for the 75 miles than Gordy's son charged for for the six miles from Binley to Vernham Dean.



My mate Ian had these 5 and a couple of more on board in no time and with zero effort from me they were at the woods gate.

In the next edition ...


... at the end of summer I'll let you know if this beast of a Yew below was worth all the aggravation of hidden stones etc but with a diameter of 40" this end we have got to try!



Come and see us, bring sunshine and your life savings.