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What was once just ...


... for Americans, Aussies and South Africans and a few hardy Brits BBQ-ing with an offset smoker is now popular here all year round with everyone. 20 years ago I was one of the very few supplying a small but very keen group of low an' slow chefs.


I have a reasonable range of Woods including ...


... Oak Apple Cherry Pecan Mesquite Hickory Plum Ash Sycamore Holly Plane Pear Maple Sweet Chestnut Beech Walnut Alder Birch Hazel Olive & Post Oak.


Despite over 20 woods to try I still get the odd geezer who's sole question is have you any Peach. I used to explain patiently that Peach trees are pretty much just a shrubb with tiny branches so isn't around much. I've yet to hear a proper reason why they want it and when I explain that both Plum and Peach are from the genus Prunus and genetically almost identical I don't hear from them again.


What I probaby should do ...


... but won't, is say fine and send them any of the Prunus with Peach written on it and they'd never know, but that's not my style! Luckily, most people are more than satisfied with what is available and my biggest seller is the mixed box.


My mixed box of Apple Oak and Cherry ...


... is good for new & experienced smokers as it offers a variety at a discount from per kg prices.


Of the three woods Oak is the cheapest followed by Cherry and then Apple. The Oak subsidises the more expensive fruit woods so if you had just Apple and Cherry it would be more expensive.


It's not sold by weight but there is about 14 - 15 kgs of wood - 2021 £46 delivered


There is an option to spec up these boxes with a kg bag of Hickory or Pecan or actually anything on top for same delivery price or my other woods listed below.


I usually put in a chunk or two of other woods to try

Imported and consequently ...


... more exy than my Hampshire Woods are Hickory Olive Mesquite and Pecan. Shipping from USA including import duties more than doubles the price you'd pay buying it there. The woods the Americans rave about are cheap and plentiful there ... the English woods are often just as good & will be kinder on your pocket and the planet carbon footprint wise.


Current prices for all and the English woods listed above are on the Smoking Woods website.


The imported woods are sold per kg and carefully weighed but the Mesquite pictured further down this blog will be sold by the litre in a resealable plastic bag which I'm told by my Smoking Wood associate Oliver are good quality and well received by customers.



1kg bags of Hickory and Pecan are £6 Summer 2021

If you want something bespoke ...


... rather than the mixed box you can have whatever mix you like. These orders I tend to put in foodbags in 1 and 1.5 kg quantities.


Four 1.5 kg bags fill a box nicely with a few extras and should last large number of cooks. If you have a urge for a English wood not listed above like Elm which hasn't proved popular I can try and get it for you.


A safe and sensible choice for new smokers ...


... is my £32 delivered starter box which has sold as many as the mixed box above. Less volume but with a wider variety of Woods all either in a bag or clearly marked to try.


The 2021 version has 2kgs of Oak 1.5 kgs of Cherry 1 kg of Hickory and 1 kg of Olive and three chunks of at least 4 other woods chosen by me - typically Sweet Chestnut and Beech and others.


A strong flavoured wood popular with some is Mesquite. It comes now in chips as pictured and is popular with those that like it as you don't need to use much. This is sold by litre - and comes in high quality 2kg reusuable plastic bags currently £6 those this price might increase as the bags cost me £1



I also have a bit of that butchers paper which comes in rolls £10 each and through my oppo Oliver can get anyting you need really but it's probably easier geting direct from him.


So hopefully that gives you a bit of info ...


... email me if you want more


rgs Paul Goulden