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July 2024


Looking for some timber?


If you want to buy wood we're the ones - er possibly !


I realise the website looks a bit crap by current standards but that's to prepare you for the state of my wood sheds ... got some great timber though & I may even sell you some!


Goulden Hardwoods


Cabinet Makers, Hobby Woodworkers & Turners looking for small quantities of air dried English Hardwood - Oak, Elm, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Cherry or Walnut - Goulden Hardwoods is the place for you.


Goulden's BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks


Open all year for diehards who BBQ whatever the the weather

Looking for hard to find BBQ Smoking wood chunks like Fruitwood Hickory Mesquite & Pecan and others?


For a rambling blog going back 15 years hit the link the next great issue coming soon!